TiE Initiatives

TiE-Rockies has developed GLOBAL CONNECT, a new program to encourage and facilitate existing companies and successful new ventures in the TiE community to investigate the feasibility of establishing operations in the Colorado region of the Western... Read More
TiE Sydney will conduct a series of educational courses, seminars and workshops to address the common needs of entrepreneurs and SMBs at various stages of the entrepreneurial lifecycle, from startup to exit. The courses will be conducted by... Read More
The TiE Global Annual Report captures the highlights and achievements of the TiE Network - from Global programming to Local Chapter innovations. Learn about TiE activities and programs promoting networking, mentoring, startup investments,... Read More
Based on inquiries from several members, TiE Sydney is now running a Monthly Group Mentoring Meetup with the following elements: Monthly meetings of 60-90min duration, generally evenings to suit working members. Coordinated by the... Read More
All entrepreneurs start with a great idea, an idea that can transform the world. The successful entrepreneurs in TiE are testimony to this adage. What entrepreneurs realize, sooner or later, is that great ideas by themselves are not sufficient... Read More